Every Knife You Actually Need In Your Kitchen

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

The real kitchen warriors.

It’s no surprise that the right knife can make all the difference during food prep, but with so many different options to choose from it can feel overwhelming. Every chef knows that having the right blades in your corner (or in your knife block) can make all the difference in everything from simple food prep to extravagant recipe execution. We’re going to back to the basics and unpacking which knives you really need so you can cut the clutter and add some simplicity (and success) to your kitchen routine.

Chef’s Knife

The chef’s knife is without a doubt the master blade sitting in your knife block. With so many different functions, every chef, at every level, needs a go-to chef’s knife they can rely on to perform so many essential cutting functions. Usually about eight inches in length, this smooth-edged blade is a multipurpose essential that is oftentimes used for slicing vegetables, mincing, chopping, and dissecting large cuts of meat. Keep it sharp and keep it close, the chef’s knife offers ultimate utility.

Paring Knife

Never underestimate the paring knife. Usually sized between two and four inches, this kitchen must-have features a smooth sharp blade, perfect for slicing and peeling smaller foods or trimming the meat off of bones. The small size of a paring knife makes maneuvering it around foods easy and versatile, think of it as a mini chef’s knife. Small but mighty, you’ll be surprised at the functionality and convenience of the paring knife, definitely a kitchen necessity.

Serrated knife

The serrated knife, also known as bread's best friend, is without a doubt a tool your kitchen needs. Distinguished by its rigged blade, the bread knife easily cuts through thick, crusty loaves of bread, gliding through foods with a hard exterior and a soft interior. This saw-like, sturdy blade makes slicing consistent by applying the right amount of pressure on food for a smooth cut, avoiding crumbling. For a straight cut, break out your serrated kitchen knife.

A surefire way to simplify your kitchen routine, these three blades are a necessity for every chef, from just starting to seasoned pro, to get things done in the kitchen. Check out Thyme&Table’s knife collections for cutting essentials you can count on getting the job done.

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